Presentations at OER conference

17 Feb 2024

Today I gave two presentations at the 4th annual Language OER Conference sponsored by the Open Language Resource Center at the University of Kansas. This is an annual online conference where authors of open educational resources (OER) can share the textbooks or other resources that they have created with the language teaching community. In the past two years, I’ve written or co-written two free and open textbooks: Grammaire Ouverte, for advanced French Grammar, and Introduction à la linguistique française, which was co-authored with my colleague Adam McBride for our Intro to French Linguistics course. Grammaire Ouverte served as a model for my colleagues in the Italian section, who wrote a new textbook for their advanced Italian courses. I was able to co-present on these three textbooks with Marie Orton and with Adam. I’m happy to be part of the OER community, producing content that saves students money and gives flexibility to teachers.